Acson Chinese New Year


“Acson Malaysia celebrates Chinese New Year”

Acson Malaysia celebrates Chinese New Year
during the Hottest time of the year!



During the hottest time of the year, Chinese New Year, when Malaysians always think about air conditioner, Acson Malaysia will never missed out the fun! Talk about #fomo! They are always looking into a full plan to call for their branding during
the festive season!


We’ve been working with them for several years of Chinese New Year consecutively. We’ve changed their tagline “好冷爽!” to “猴冷爽!” for the year of Monkey and ran an online campaign of a hashtag contest of creative caption at the same time invested in PR seeding to create more impact and impressions for the campaign.d!!

猴冷爽对对联游戏 #acson猴冷爽

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