“Golden Opportunities are Everywhere”

Celebrate your new year with Golden Opportunities Everywhere



We were approached by Carlsberg Malaysia to further develop on their key visual for their 2017 Chinese New Year campaign “处处生机” to capture the essence of we should view things in a different view and there exist an opportunity for everyone to venture


draft idea of 处处生机 wording – Chinese Calligraphy


We’ve proposed a few ideas by focusing on the rooster’s tail in a dramatic method and the visual itself was inspired with a weather vane to signify the direction to everywhere where the wind blows. Conceptually, it helps to bring out the tagline of there will always be Golden Opportunities everywhere as long as you view it with another perception.

Key Visual (Malaysia & Singapore)

24 Cans Shrinkwrap Artwork

24 Cans Shrinkwrap – In store display

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